5th May 1915 - 27th April 2008

Welcome to the Official Website of
Louis Lewis

This website is dedicated to my father Louis Lewis. He passed away in April 2008 - just one week before his 93rd birthday.

It was originally created as a birthday gift for him on his 88th birthday.

The pages that follow are as they were presented when he was still with us. And they reflect the humor that was his hallmark.

The introductory text below has been modified slightly to reflect his passing.


We have great pride in presenting a cyber-gallery exhibition of the greatest paintings of Louis Lewis

Though Louis Lewis spent most of his life pursuing his vocation of building the Whistler Brush Company - makers of the world's finest brushes - he occasionally found time to express his artistic bent by creating beautiful paintings.

On these pages you will find some of his most distinctive creations. We are certain that you will find your soul nourished by his rare and beautiful art.

If you wish to write to my mum Nina Pearl Lewis - who was married to my dad for nearly 61 years - please email her at

Hats off to my dad - Louis Lewis!

- Martin

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