SEVEN BRUSHES (circa 1966)

Louis Lewis is an enigma within an enigma. A conundrum within a conundrum. So it was no surprise that he should create perhaps the most unusual self-portrait in over two thousand years of art. Choosing the mystical number Seven - representing The Seven Seas, the Seven Deadly Sins - and the Seven Fat Years dreamed of by the prophet Joseph - Lewis shows himself as Seven Brushes.

Spreadeagled in a curvaceous blue jug of impossibly one-dimensional beauty - the brushes speak loudly to all of us. Each brush is a different facet of Lewis' distinctive personality.

Calmness, Patience, Tranquility, Gentility, Sweetness, Profundity and Grumpy. All that is missing is the Snow White of his life. The exquisite Nina who has been his rock of Gibraltar for 55 glorious years. And yet perhaps the blue jug - with its wobbly waist - represents not just the receptacle for these Seven Brushes - but also the receptacle for the very essence of Louis Lewis.